Arcane Evolution

by Unburnt

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Mixed and mastered by Joe Mullen at JoeDown Studios.
Vocals engineered Jordan Perry.
Music by Bo Louther. Lyrics by Eric Burnet.
Cover art by Mikio Murakami.
Unburnt logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Lord of the Logos).


released August 16, 2019

Mixed and mastered by Joe Mullen at JoeDown Studios.
Vocals engineered Jordan Perry.
Music by Bo Louther. Lyrics by Eric Burnet.
Cover art by Mikio Murakami.
Unburnt logo by Christophe Szpajdel (Lord of the Logos).


all rights reserved




Unburnt is a new metal project that sees guitarist Bo Louther and drummer Joe Mullen from Walkerton, Ontario's Odium joining forces with Montreal-based vocalist Eric Burnet, known for his work with Derelict, Samskaras, and Autumn Spirit. Unburnt is built on a death metal foundation that is reinforced with black metal melodies and atmosphere. ... more

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Track Name: A Reason to Live
To prevail, to maintain domination
There must be conflict, extant final solution

Their fear, you crave it
It gives you a reason to live

The stranglehold of them hating us hating them
Bringing death, pushing human beings through a grinder

Defiance came with the drought
Like a stream, they were swallowed by the desert
On bleeding knees, they begged we take their children
And in our arrogance we asked if they’d been Christened

Through suffering, a consciousness awakens
The repercussion, a terminal culmination

Will we disgrace it?
Or give it a reason to live?

The paradox of them hating us hating them
Bringing death, drowning out compassion with our anger

We speak of values on which homelands are founded
Or holy scriptures preaching ethics from prophets
But when the time comes, we only have one question:
If we save you, what do we get out of it?

Our democracy comes with conditions
That you buy and kill people with our weapons
Track Name: Superiority In Wisdom
I step into the arena of battle as a well-oiled machine
Aware of your strategy well in advance, logic sanguine

I confront the preachers of ignorance
I show no mercy to charlatans

When basing your arguments on writings from the bronze age
Remember that your opponents possess two-thousands years of knowledge

I piss on the pulpits of magicians
I carry the fire of pure reason

If these symbols and scrolls hold ultimate power as you claim
If these forces are all-knowing, omnipotent, and pervasive
Then my blasphemous words will inevitably arouse their judgment
Here I stand, may your unquestioned beliefs strike me down

I will not bow to your superstitions

Preserving confidence in knowing that magic has no influence
Requires a philosophy that accepts knowledge's limits
Historically, new discoveries have often seemed supernatural
To generations of people accustomed to being led like cattle

To build on the teachings of ancestors
We strengthen the sum of our consciousness

“I am ignorant of that which I do not know”
Track Name: Sorrow-Bearing Enemy
All my fury is gathered here
Clenched fists wound back to strike deftly
A vicious ritual gift
Of power for my enemy

The insidious worm that works its way through guts
and around spines
A patient lurker formed of equal parts
loathing and time

Bearing my sorrow
Drinking my rage
Fuelling nothing except pain

Exhausted from the release
When it’s over, I am empty and numb
Purging, the transfer is complete
He is growing, my resistance succumbs

His unfurling shadow, scowling, posturing
Looming insolent
Witness to his rapid and smug dissipation
His accomplished intent

Digging myself out of this shallow grave
I breathe in a sobering clarity
Will I be strong enough to retain this realization indefinitely?

To live with the echoing shame of such failure
Constant, overwhelming
Locked into an endless cycle of self-hatred
Forever relapsing

Enough! Now:
I reclaim the essence of myself
The humble, patient man I know
To become committed to the peace
A true warrior given strength to grow
Track Name: Arcane Evolution
Dragging ourselves through another day of this
Feed it with inertia

Fulfilling petty roles in rote, redundant systems
Innominate, voiceless

Systemic battery ingraining industry
Designates vocation inculcates submission

But when I close my eyes I pray for the machines
To lead, to organize, to set my body free

Please, upgrade me

Shall we summon the demon?
Emerge from cocoons?
Embrace arcane evolution?

Electromechanical devices permeating ecosystems with
Cybernetic enhancements redefining living flesh as
Philosophical computations recalibrating human thought for
An infinity of new expansions, through galaxies, within seconds

But what have we left behind?
That life, was it living?
And are we living now, or simply measuring “progress”?

Ultimately, ape minds will struggle with this question
As we push at the limits and contest the rate of evolution

Will our sacrifice yield the desired solution?
Bathe us in elation

Humanist policies revising history
Editing perspectives towards complete compliance

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